Bloody good idea? Could 'wasted' animal blood be alternative protein source?

Animal blood from slaughterhouses could be used to generate added-value ingredients and provide alternative protein sources, say Irish researchers (Pic: ©iStock).

Waste blood from the meat industry has the potential to be collected and processed to generate high-added-value food ingredients, say researchers … who outline it’s ‘exceptional’ nutritive and functional properties.

By 2025 more than 20% of Europeans will be 65 or over, with a particularly rapid increase in the number of over 80s.©iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Supplements and exercise effective for malnutrition and frailty: Review

Researchers assessed the asoociation between nutrient intake and metabolic syndrome in patients with colon cancer. ©iStock

More nutrients, less harmful fats could help in colorectal cancer patients’ recovery

Canadian firm to launch cannabidiol nutraceutical in UK

Canadian firm to launch cannabidiol nutraceutical in UK

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Microbiota may determine if pomegranate extracts are beneficial or not

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Meta-analysis supports tea’s link to stronger bones


'Fibre is the only option to turn our comfort foods from toxic to therapeutic,' says FiberFlour founder

Parliament failed to reach the required majority, leaving the decision in the hands of the commission  ©iStock

MEPs oppose GM approvals but Commission will have the final say

Placing free vegetables for snacking in public places can nearly double a person's daily veg intake ©iStock

Office veggies: Placing vegetables in public areas raises consumption by almost double, finds study


Mood foods? New trial aims for nutritional prevention of depression

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