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Arsenal FC nutritionist: ‘Food supplements have a big part to play.’

Last updated on 17-Dec-2013 at 18:23 GMT - By Shane Starling+
Interview of James Collins - Sport and exercise nutritionist, Arsenal Football Club
Arsenal FC nutritionist: ‘Food supplements have a big part to play.’
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James Collins, bespoke nutritionist at Arsenal Football Club and with other elite athletes, says food supplements and sports nutrition products are highly important to top athletes - so important their use is now near-on ubiquitous.   

“Food supplements have a big part to play for elite athletes now – whether that be elite professional athletes in team sports like football or also our Olympic athletes as well,” Collins said.

“[They] are very important on a number of different levels – that might be clinical supplementation to address a deficiency or an insufficiency.  And also the use of sports nutrition products to potentially boost performance and they can have big effects when used in combination with the correct diet.”

Creatine and caffeine were mentioned as sports food supplements of choice, but Collins said the bedrock for high-level sports performance was a well-balanced diet.

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