Ageing brain to benefit from nutrition, exercise and lifestyle: Review


Dietary approaches to promote healthy brain ageing should look to factor in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to target not only the brain but also overall cardio-metabolic health.

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Higher dietary calcium linked to lower heart attack risk in Korean women, suggests study

DSM finishes sale of pharma assets to US firm

DSM finishes sale of pharma assets to US firm

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Zinc plus antioxidant: A cost-effective solution to macular degeneration?

White rice contains very few or none of the essential micronutrients. As a consequence, large segments of the human population are malnourished, especially in Asia and Africa. ©iStock

Multi-nutrient rice set to address worldwide ‘hidden hunger’ challenge

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Calcium may not help prevent bone loss in men

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High calcium levels linked to heart attack risk

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Magnesium pills may improve blood pressure in at-risk populations

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Cellular calcium levels may influence cholesterol production, study suggests

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Food-based iodine during pregnancy important for child brain development

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