Endolive and Pomolive by Natac, new clinically proven ingredients.

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Natac is an award-winning Spanish company that develops and manufactures value-added Mediterranean herbal extracts as well as value-added tailor-made formulations for clients looking to differentiate their products from the competition with unique ingredients.

Natac presents ENDOLIVE, a clinically proven olive extract that helps to reduce the following cardiovascular risk factors:

Furthermore, Natac has developed POMOLIVE, a combination of olive and apple that has been clinically proven and helps to control the risk factors associated with Metabolic Syndrome:

Download our summary Endolive and Pomolive by Natac, new clinically proven ingredients and  learn how ENDOLIVE helps in the prevention of heart disease and how POMOLIVE can help fight a condition affecting 23% of the adult population in the USA and Europe.


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