Skincare supplement set to new film technologies with resveratrol

Skincare supplement set to new film technologies with resveratrol

Swedish wellness firm Nutrinovate will combine Evolva’s recently launched Veri-te resveratrol and a novel dissolvable film technology in its new Reserol beauty from within range, says the firm.

The new healthy ageing skincare line will combine Swiss-based Evolva’s new resveratrol ingredient Veri-te with Nutrinovate’s own Funtional Film Technology (FFT) – a dissolvable oral film strip system that enables functional ingredients to be delivered to the body through the inside of the cheek.

The firm says the technology, which is the result of a decade of research and development and is protected by a number of global patents, has demonstrated a number of advantages including direct distribution to the bloodstream, faster bioavailability, and ease of use.

“We see Functional Film Technology as a game changer in the food supplement business,” said Nutrinovate CEO Magnus Nillson-Val. “It is a perfect carrier for ingredients like Veri-te resveratrol, where absorption is critical and challenging.”

Beauty from within

Previous research has suggested that resveratrol intake can have a number of benefits for skincare and beauty, including boosting skin elasticity, reducing age spots and wrinkle depth, and improving skin smoothness.

The oral film strips each contain 20 mgs of resveratrol – and come with a daily recommended dose of 6 film strips (120mg resveratrol).

Further partnership

The current strips come in both a plain and mint flavour, however Nutrinovate said it has plans to launch additional products and flavours within the next few months, including a vitamin film.

“From our perspective, the range of new products is huge,” said Nilson-Val. “Evolva will definitely be a preferred partner for our future business development projects.”

Evolva’s senior VP for health and wellness, Angela Tsetsis, said the company is excited to be a central part of the new innovation.

“Nutrinovate’s founders are already proving to be highly motivated and successful in developing both their sales channels and product portfolio,” said Tsetsis. “We look forward to growing with them in the future.”

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