Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates: Purity You Can See

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Thanks to our partnership with Golden Omega we are able to offer colourless Omega-3 oils. The EE concentrates are now Gardner colour typically below 2 , and TG are Gardner colour typically below 3.

How can this level of purity be achieved?

Thanks to a novel R&D development which allows to remove in a much deeper way some unwanted compounds in the oil, all the Golden Omega concentrates are not only consistently below 5 in TOTOX and with a great sensory profile (our permanent commitment) but also, with an extremely clear appearance, taking purity to a next level.

Golden Omega Fish Oils are concentrates up to 750 mg/g of EPA and DHA obtained from sustainable sources in South America and exclusively distributed in your country by Gee Lawson.

We are exhibiting at Vitafoods (9 – 11 May 2017, Geneva) Stand H20.


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