Beauty chocolate: Algatechnologies touts red seaweed for functional confectionery

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Interview of Efrat Kat - Director of marketing and sales, Algatechnologies
Beauty chocolate: Astaxanthin in functional confectionery
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Algatechnologies sees potential for red seaweed derivative astaxanthin in chocolate coins promoting beauty for the US market.

Speaking to ConfectioneryNews at nutraceutical tradeshow Vitafoods, Efrat Kat, director of marketing and sales for Algatechnologies said: “Astaxanthin is known to be one of the most potent antioxidants in nature.”

She claimed that the ingredient aided cardiovascular health, muscle strength and had anti-inflammatory properties.

“Some people have difficulty to consume so many capsules a day…so I think if it’s possible to include a chocolate coin with astaxanthin it may be a very good delivery system. It’s more fun to eat chocolate than to swallow pills.”

No EU novel foods

Algatechnologies sells astaxanthin under the AstaPure brand. The ingredient, derived from red microalgae, is grown in Israel, but is not yet approved as a novel food in the EU.

Kat said that the ingredient held promise in functional confectionery for the US and Japan.

Cosmetic product

“We sell it mainly for sports nutrition, for skin health products, for example many cosmetic products are using astaxanthin in their formulations,” she said.

Algatechnologies has partnered with Israeli private label confectionery maker Carmit Candy to produce a chocolate coin with astaxanthin.

Each coin contains 2 mg, meaning consumers need to eat two to get recommended daily dose. Kat claimed that the color and taste in chocolate were unaffected.

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