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Building for the future: DSM on lessons from Food Vision 2014

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Industry needs to ‘dramatically innovate’ if it is to come up with sustainable solutions to feed the world, says James Bauly of DSM, as he summarises his take away messages from the event.

“One of the major challenges going forward for all of us in the industry is how to sustainably feed a dramatically growing population,” explained Bauly, who is head of marketing, EMEA, for global ingredients supplier DSM.

“I think everybody here agrees that we have a collective responsibility to do that in the right way, and also to use innovation to make that happen,” he told FoodNavigator. “The only way that we are going to be able to feed the world going forward is to dramatically innovate and come up with really out of the box ideas to make that happen.”

Bauly said the Food Vision event, held in Cannes, has been a ‘great catalyst’ for exchanging ideas and strategies for industry to take forward new ideas and come up with new solutions. He said the event had encouraged him to have ‘a much more open mind’, and to ‘get out and about’.

“The challenge now is to go back and bring these ideas back to the daily business, and try to find a way to keep them alive.”

“We will definitely feed a number of these ideas into our own innovation process and the way we work.”

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