'Making malnutrition history': EU unveils €3.5 billion nutrition package

EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs has revealed plans to spend €3.5 billion on battling hidden hunger before 2020.

The European Union has pledged to spend an 'unprecedented' €3.5 billion on improving battling malnutrition accross the globe, reveals Commissioner Piebalgs.

European Union (EU) Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, said the issue of nutrition is high on the EUs long-term development agenda - noting that inadequate food and nutrition security take 'an enormous toll' on economies and damage the livelihoods and economic capabilities of already vulnerable people.

"I find it incomprehensible that in an era of technological revolution, some 870 million people are still going hungry and malnutrition is responsible for over 3 million child deaths annually," said Commissioner Piebalgs.

"We have the means to stop this tragedy," he noted. "What is lacking is the political will and determination to do so."

"Our new financial pledge will demonstrate that the EU is determined to make malnutrition history for once and for all," said the Commissioner - revealing that the €3.5bn package will be spent between 2014 and 2020.

Out of the €3.5bn pot, around €400 million will be spent on boosting nutrition through specific nutrition programmes in the health sector, while the EU will invest €3.1bn in making sure programmes in other areas such as agriculture, education, water and social protection do more to reduce under-nutrition, Piebalgs revealed.

Making malnutrition history

The Development Commissioner said that the EU recognises that 'hidden hunger', or under-nutrition, has not always been adequately addressed - adding that the EU has 'stepped up to the forefront' of global efforts to eradicate hunger and under-nutrition in the world.

He revealed that the over the next ten years, the EU intends to support 50 countries, including 40 in Africa, to improve food security and reducing stunting.

G8 commitment

Commissioner Piebalgs unvieled the plans during his participation in two high-level events hosted by the United Kingdom’s G8 Presidency in London on June 8th.

The morning event "Nutrition for Growth, Beating Hunger through Business and Science Event" saw several Heads of State from Africa, including Cote d'Ivoire, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania, come together, while the afternoon event formed part of a 'New Alliance on Food Security and Nutrition', launched in July 2012.

The New Alliance aims to improve food security and nutritional status in Africa by lifting 50 million Africans out of poverty over 10 years.

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Samuel Ibiyemi, (prof0 - 20 Jun 2013 | 02:31

Fighting Malnutrition among Fulani and Al Manjeri Children in Nigeria

The nomadic Fulani children wonder all year round with the cattle and so also the Al Manjeri, neglected Hausa children who abound in millions feeding on most non nourishing meals each day. The Governors are not bothered about the deplorable conditions of these children despite concerns expressed in many quarters. Moringa and a few other herbs may be developed by the Moringa Development Association of Nigeria so as to promote development of grazing areas thereby encouraging nomadic Fulani maintain their cattle and feed the families and cattle with the food supplements from the moringa leaves and the seeds. The Hausa families will also benefit from the program. The program will provide a sustainable solution the perennial communal clashes between the nomadic Fulani and farmers as a result of cattle grazing food crops. There are more than 100 members of the Moringa Association in each of the 19 northern states to handle the program that will create wealth through sustainable farming by inter cropping of food crops with the herbal tree, the leaves and seeds for improved health and eventually good education of the children.

20-Jun-2013 at 02:31 GMT

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