Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2014

Omega-3’s newest big fish reveals sector ambitions

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Mid-last year the chief of Norwegian omega-3 player EPAX told us, “We are the last of the big omega-3 independents.” Soon after US agri-food company FMC had snapped it up for $350m. Here FMC Nutraceuticals general manager Daniel H. Rosenbaum talks through the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the move…and the ‘where’ it might lead.

“The opportunity to take a position in omega-3 – particularly a premium position – was really one that fit our growth ambitions quite well,” he said.

Rosenbaum discusses omega-3 formulation, regulation, science and more here and why it is looking to further invest in health and wellness.

The omega-3 sector has seen serious consolidation in recent years with acquisitions including Martek Biosciences (DSM, €830m), Ocean Nutrition Canada (DSM, €430m) and Pronova Biopharma (BASF, €690m).

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