Special delivery: Nano’s nutrient gift presents huge potential

Nanotech is being applied to omega-3s, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins & minerals & more... ©iStock/cybrain

Is nanotechnology finally walking the talk when it comes to nutrient enhancement in food and supplements?

'You plug the smart cap onto the bottle and then you get your personalised and DIY beverage.' ©iStock

Cap winner? Reusable seals offer healthy beverage options

More, please: Holland & Barrett sexes up London with ‘high concept’ store

More, please: Holland & Barrett sexes up London with ‘high concept’ store

More fruit, less fat: 'These inverse associations were independent of established dietary and other risk factors, including physical activity.' ©iStock

Fruit & veg flavonoids prevent unhealthy fat build-up: Twin study

© iStock

Mls over pills: Are drinks a tastier way to take your vitamins?

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Reports suggest Nestle is interested in acquiring Mead Johnson.

Asia growth: The main reason Nestle could be keen on Mead Johnson acquisition

© iStock

Football fuel: Everton renews partnership with The Protein Works

Perfetti Van Melle maintains its ad campaigns were scientifically-backed and compliant with food legislation. ©iStock/klags

Perfetti Van Melle fined for dental health messages on chewing gum

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Brexit nutrition impact survey launched

Log-in to #PNEvent17 for free on 26 January. ©iStock

I-nutrition: This time it’s personal

Nutraceutical growth in APAC is forecast to outstrip global gains. ©iStock

The five market trends making APAC the world’s growth hotspot for nutraceuticals

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Photo: maciek905

Artificial Intelligence: BASF partner with Nuritas on 'next gen' functional peptides


Kappa buys European distributor

'The refined oil consistently meets a specification appropriate to its use as a food ingredient, with a minimum DHA content of 35%.' ©iStock/Magone

Algae omega-3 & plant sterols seek EU approval

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Regulation & Policy

CMA says the new rules will cut red tape and allow higher level health claims. ©iStock

Australian supplement body enthusiastic about higher level health claims plan

European auditors have slammed the commission's lack of action on food waste ©iStock

EU court of auditors attacks Commission for its failures on food waste

"Australian and New Zealand fish oil products have been shown to clearly meet their label claims," states the paper.

Omega 3 industry fights back: Study shows Australian and New Zealand supplements “clearly meet” label claims

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Boosting bioavailability: Can nutra follow pharma’s lead on delivery format innovation

Boosting bioavailability: Can nutra follow pharma’s lead on delivery format innovation

Urine offers an alternative to dietary diaries, food frequency questionnaires & dietary recalls, say researchers. ©iStock/MarinaPh

Peed piper: Urine fine to define dietary kind

Photo: iStock

Meta-analysis backs sea buckthorn for cholesterol & heart health

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Lactobacillus rhamnosus SP1 (LSP1) - one of the most extensively studied probiotic strains, also known as L. rhamnosus GG - has been shown to enhanced insulin sensitivity as well as reduce lipogenesis in experimental animals. ©iStock/TLFurrer

Heard of the gut-brain axis? Meet the gut-skin axis...

Eggs for heads? 'Egg intake was associated with better performance on neuropsychological tests...' @iStock/jarabee123

Cracking cognition: Moderate egg consumption may boost certain brain functions

Those with lower vitamin B6 levels 'were 3.5 times more likely' to have a greater rate of cognitive decline...' ©iStock

Vitamin B6 deficiency linked to cognitive decline: Study




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