NutriForm Business Days gets ready for its first year

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Millennials and microbiota probiotics are on the agenda for a two day food supplements event taking place in September.

The teasm believe the creation of an iron–amyloid fibril hybrid could be a highly effective delivery system for iron in both solid and liquid matrices. ©iStock

Iron fortification efforts boosted by protein-nanoparticle combo

GALLERY: Your guide to what's happening at Vitafoods 2017

GALLERY: Your guide to what's happening at Vitafoods 2017

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Belgium proposes legal changes on self-checking and food supplements


Human data backs FMT to improve brain functions and reduce healthcare burden

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Sustainable and water dispersible plant sterol launches in EU

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Grape seed extract may protect gut from inflammation: Study

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RCT: Ashwagandha root extract may improve memory and cognitive functions

The concentration of omega-3 oils across all eleven commercially available samples were in-line with their label claims. ©iStock

New laser technology from New Zealand finds omega-3 supplements meet PUFA labelling claims

Over supplementation of calcium can cause a number of health issues that vitamin K2 may be able to rectify. ©iStock

New NRC-backed study to explore role of K2 in calcium metabolism

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