Drink contained almost double EFSA limit

French authorities recall Muscle Moose drink over vitamin B6 levels

iStock / eartzan

A drink containing almost double EFSAs vitamin B6 safe intake limit for adults has been recalled by French authorities.

The French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and the Prevention of Fraud (DGCCRF) issued the notice of recall for a drink known as ‘Moose Juice’ – which is part of the Muscle Moose Brand.

According to a report posted on the DGCCRF website, Moose Juice was declared to have 80 mg / l of vitamin B6 - meaning a standard 500ml serving contained 40 mg of the vitamin.

“This predicted level of vitamin B6 is above the safety limit of 15 mg / day for children over 12 years and 25 mg / day for adults, set by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA),” said the French authority.

As a result the drink has been removed and recalled.